Battle of Brooklyn So Tired of Winning….

Re-enactment at Green-Wood Cemetery, site of much of the battle.  If this battle had not taken place, even though the colonists “lost” in the face of overwhelming numbers, the American Revolution would have been over almost before it began.  This delaying action, and the British failure to complete their encirclement, allowed Washington to withdraw his army across the East River to Manhattan and then move up the island and escape into New Jersey.

Lesson for today – so tired of winning they forgot to follow up

WAR – What is Russia’s attacking our elections called?

Mitch McConnell  – Protecting the voting system is Democrats “nationalizing everything.”

What is Russian hacking of the voting system? – WAR.

What is refusing to protect the system? AIDING AND ABETTING THE ENEMY!

Failure to protect the country from its enemies:

Reason to impeach McConnell and Trump.