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Security News: #Spyware Dept of Irony

Screenshot: 11/29/2017 Wired online
In case you haven’t been paying attention. Kaspersky anti-virus is now regarded by the US govt as Russian spyware. (NY Times 9/13/2017) It likely is responsible for the loss of a trove of NSA hacking tools.  Why are they still advertising on Wired?  …  Well ok. They are on Twitter saying they are suing. https://thehackernews.com/2017/12/Kaspersky-product-ban.html #fakenews by somebody.

Trump Memorial #ResignTrump

Experiment – embed a video in a wordpress page. (I don’t really want additional Trumpie vids to show at the end)
So how this plays out: Wallace leads to Bannon, to Putin, to Trump, to Mueller (have had Comey in here) then to Ginzberg.  Why Ginzberg? I expect it will come to the Supreme Court to decide if a sitting president can be indicted.  Would be cool if a women’s rights advocate gets him in the end.